Chartist becomes the latest addition to our featured chart applications. Check its default look and feel theme, or a very different rich custom template with Chartist.js.

Chartist has a set of internal colors used by default for its chart series, that you may find implemented as a color palette here. Also, check how you can make charts with thin bars, or doughnut charts that look like rings, or arcs.

Chartist has many basic features implemented as external plugins. We used some of these plugins in our automatic demo charts, to hide their complexity. Other features have been inspired from plugins or they are simply our original extensions. For instance, there are no titles or subtitles in Chartist charts, but we provided an automatic implementation of such features.


Some chart types are new or emulated. As an example, we had to emulate all Full 100% chart types, for both bars and areas.

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Cristi Scutaru

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