If you are looking for a JS chart library, it should be in this list (if not, please leave a comment). This is the most complete list of JS charting applications you’ll find on the Internet. To keep it updated, we frequently review it and add new information.

This is a long list of both free and commercial JavaScript chart products, in alphabetical order. You’ll not find full reviews of each JavaScript charting library here, as we keep each entry short and focused on main info points. Most products are either SVG-based, or they render charts on a HTML5 canvas element. Some SVG-based apps use D3 internally, or another graph engine.

Links to JavaScript chart libraries featured on Chart-Templates.com appear in blue. More apps are frequently added to this list.

Last Update: May, 2018

.netChartingSVG-based, commercial, free developer version. HTML5/JS wrapper for ASP.NET.
amChartsSVG-based, with 3D charts, commercial, free demo version with watermark. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
AnyChartSVG-based, using D3, with 3D charts, commercial, free trial version. Based on open-source GraphicsJS (SVG/VML, for drawing). With both fluent and JSON style. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
Bonsai JSSVG-based, free open-source, simple JS library.
C3SVG-based, using D3.
Canvas.jsHTML5 canvas-based, no 3D charts, commercial. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
CanvasXpressHTML5 canvas-based, free open-source, by Isaac Neuhaus, for bioinformatics and systems biology analysis at Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Chart.jsHTML5 canvas-based, no 3D charts, free open-source (on github), MIT license, no custom themes. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
Chartist.jsSVG-based, free open-source (on github). No themes, but with built-in colors and plugins.
Chartkick.jsminimal code (one line of Ruby), on top of other charts, open-source.
ChartNew.jsHTML5 canvas-based, adapted from Chart.js. Free open-source (on github), used by Livegap.
Charts 4 PHPcommercial, requires PHP.
Chart ToolSVG-based, using D3, to create charts in under a minute.
ChartworksHTML5 or image charts, mostly complex financial interactive charts. iOS/Android charting SDK.
ComponentOne JSSVG-based, using Raphael. Wijmo charts (wijbarchart jQuery Widget), in Angular.
Cubism.jsfree open-source D3 plugin, for time series visualization, under the Apache license.
Cytoscape.jsGraph theory (a.k.a. network) library for analysis and visualisation.
D3.jsSVG-based, very popular and spectacular data visualization library, evolved from Protovis.
D3plusSVG-based, using D3.
D4SVG-based, using D3, friendly charting DSL for D3.
dc.jsSVG-based, using D3.
DevExtremeHTML/JS wrapper as dxChart, commercial, by DevExpress, predefined themes (light/dark/contrast).
DHTMLX Chart and GanttJS/HTML5 charts library, with data loaded from XML, JSON, JavaScript array, or CSV. Use dhtmlxChart as an individual component or as a part of dhtmlxSuite.
dimpleSVG-based, using D3, free, minimal code, no JSON options.
dojox chartingcharting library for Dojo.
dygraphsfor plotting.
EChartsHTML5 canvas-based, free, as Enterprise Charts, based on ZRender, from Baidu/Datamatic. Many predefined themes (macarons, infographic, shine, dark, blue, green, red, gray, helianthus, roma, mint, macarons2, sakura), with theme preview and theme builder.
EJSChartsHTML5 canvas-based, as Emprise JavaScript Charts, open source. No predefined themes, specific fluid interface.
Elychartsbased on Raphaël and jQuery, free for personal, or commercial use (MIT License).
Ember ChartsSVG-based, using D3. With Ember.js, open source.
Envision.jsHTML5 canvas-based, rewrite of HumbleFinance, for finance visualization.
EpochSVG-based, using D3, free open-source (on github), for real-time charts.
ExtJS for Chartswith Sencha Charts.
FlotFlotCharts, plotting library for jQuery, open-source (on github). No predefined themes.
Flotr2free open-source (on github), branch of flotr with no Prototype dependency and many improvements.
Frappé ChartsSVG-based, responsive, no dependencies, free open-source (github).
Free JS ChartHTML5 canvas-based, free lite version, commercial version available.
FusionChartsSVG-based, with 3D charts, based on Raphael. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
GoJSSVG-based, using D3.
Google ChartsSVG-based, no 3D charts, free, part of Google Visualization module. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
Graficobased on Raphaël and Prototype.js, originally developed as Ico by Alex Young, later by Kilian Valkhof at Wakoopa.
heatmap.jsfor three dimensional data.
HighchartsSVG-based, with 3D charts, commercial, very popular and advanced JavaScript charting library. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
Infragistics JSHTML5 canvas-based, as Ignite UI, using jQuery. Has theming attributes.
jChartFXSVG-based, with jQuery UI themes.
JenScriptSVG-based, open-source.
jQuery SparklinesjQuery plugin to generate sparklines, written by Gareth Watts for Splunk Inc, New BSD License.
jqxChartjQuery widget, commercial.
jqPlotHTML5 canvas-based, no 3D charts, free open-source. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
JS InfoVis Toolkitfor interactive data visualizations, by Nicolas Garcia Belmonte.
JSChartsSVG-based, using D3. No themes.
KoolChartcommercial, using XML syntax.
MetricsGraphics.jsSVG-based, using D3, for simple plots only.
morris.jsSVG-based, no 3D charts, free open-source (on github), BSD license. By Olly Smith, in 2012, work frozen since 2014. CoffeeScript project, requires jQuery and Raphael. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
n3-chartsfor Angular, no themes.
NextChartsHTML5 canvas-based, open-source (on github).
NVD3SVG-based, using D3, free, no themes.
OLAPCharts[inactive] free HTML5/JS chart engine.
PeityjQuery plugin for small charts.
PlotlySVG-based, as hosted Plot.ly (with great online chart builder) or PlotlyJS standalone open-source library.
Plottable.jsfree open-source (on github).
PlusChartsfree, pay only for support.
ProtovisSVG-based, by the creator of D3 (abandoned since 2011), open-source (on github).
pykChartsSVG-based, using D3.
RaphaelSVG-based, using D3, graphics library used by other more specialized charting products.
ReactiveChartusing reactive programming.
RGraphSVG and HTML5 canvas-based.
RickshawSVG-based, using D3.
Shield UI JS ChartSVG-based, no 3D charts, commercial, JS chart control part of a large package. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
Smoothie Chartson github, for streaming data.
sygmaJSfor graph drawing.
Syncfusion EJSSVG-based, with 3D charts, JS chart control (Essential Chart for JavaScript) within the Essential Studio for JavaScript package. JavaScript chart library featured on Chart-Templates.com.
TauchartsSVG-based, using D3, free open-source (hosted on github).
TechanJSSVG-based, using D4. With candlestick, OHLC, indicator charts.
TeeChart JSHTML5 canvas-based, commercial, by Steema, non-commercial open-source version available. Predefined themes (dark, daybreak, minimal, Excel, twilight). For ASP.NET, Xamarin/iOS/Xamarin Forms, Java/Delphi/PHP.
Telerikas Kendo UI Charts component.
uvChartsSVG-based, using D3, open-source. No predefined themes.
Vaadin Chartsusing XML syntax.
Variance Chartsgraphics constructed by layering together components: data, geometric objects, scales, and annotations.
vis.jsgeneric visualization library, free open-source (on github).
Visual SedimentationSVG-based, using D3 and jQuery. For visualizing streaming data, inspired by the process of physical sedimentation.
WebChartssimple scatter plots.
Webix UIcharts widget.
xCharts[inactive] SVG-based, using D3, styled over CSS, configuration through LESS.
YUI ChartsCharts module, to leverages SVG, HTML Canvas and VML to render its graphical elements.
Zeno UI Chartwidget, as jQuery Charts plugin, javascript chart and graph library.
ZingChartSVG-based, commercial, with interactive dashboards. Predefined themes (light/dark/classic).
ZoomChartsHTML5 canvas-based, commercial, free 30-days trial version. No themes.

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