We offer indeed some premium templates with builtin chart product themes, and no other styling. Question arises: why pay for these themes, as long as they are already offered for free by some other company?

Short answer: our small premium template fee is never for the third-party free theme, but for the value added on top of that theme, as explained here.

Multiple Chart Views

Our original sidebar editor helps you instantly create countless dynamic chart views. Switch Show Graph Only and you get from one initial view to a very different one, with no clutter:

Buying the template means getting access to the automatically generated JavaScript source code, for any possible combination. Just looking at the code, you learn much faster how to toggle titles, legend, axes, labels etc. Our sidebar editor acts like a productivity tool. It saves you time and money. And new features may be added to any template in the future for free.

New Chart Types

Most templates include several new original or emulated chart types. The same CanvasJS set of charts includes for instance a MultiColor Line chart, and a Jump Line chart:

People frequently ask on forums or technical support how to emulate these. We offer them for a very small fee with our premium templates. And new chart types may be added to any template in the future, for free.

Ready-to-Use Charts

Our charts are (almost) ready-to-use. Just locate where the test data is, and replace it with your own business data, using a similar or different structure. We save you again time and money, by providing a single page with all you need to publish it as your own chart.

Many chart vendors offer free styled themes, but only a few have all online demo charts, as we have, to help you make a better decision what chart and styles to use, with no prototyping. Most our charts use remote CDN scripts and images, so you don’t need to download anything.

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Cristi Scutaru

Experienced software architect and developer, founder of XtractPro Software, creator of chart-templates.com and data-xtractor.com. Focused lately on easy data extraction, visual data representation, and productivity tools.