Project management charts show scheduled project activities. These are event-based charts, where each activity is planned between a start and end date. We have built-in and emulated Gantt Charts, single-series and multi-series Timeline Charts, PERT graphs etc.

Project Activity Planning

One common single-series simple chart is the Timeline Chart. One project’s activities appear on the left, with their start time and duration represented as horizontal range bars. When not supported as such (as for FusionCharts, AnyChart or Google Charts), we emulated this type of chart with other available types, such as the Range Bar Chart (as for amCharts, Microsoft and CanvasJS). Here is a built-in implementation for AnyCharts, and a 3D emulated Timeline chart with range bars for amCharts, from the Timeline Charts template (look for other single-series Timeline Charts there):

Project Activity Dependencies

Temporal dependencies between a project’s activities are represented by Gantt Charts. There could be scheduled activities that cannot start until another in progress activity is not completed. Gantt Charts show also how much of each activity has been completed, using different colors on the bars. Here below is a Gantt Chart with Google Charts (other similar built-in charts, for different chart apps, can be discovered in the Gantt Charts template):

Project Activity Graph

When all we care about are rather activity dependencies, and we don’t want bars for the time intervals, we may use PERT Charts, which are actually activity graphs. Here is a built-in PERT Chart with AnyChart:

Multiple Project Schedule

One lane may show all scheduled activities for a project (side-by-side or overlapped, if they intersect), with more than one project per chart. When not built-in, we emulated these Grouped Timeline Charts with other chart types, such as Range Bars. Here are some samples for FusionCharts (built-in) and amCharts (emulated 3D):

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