The Built-in Markers template shows one Markers palette chart per featured application, with all specific internal symbols used by that chart app. By default, there are no titles or subtitles. But you can always expand the sidebar and turn them ON.

Walk through this link for the same template with the chart title and subtitle both visible. For the regular chart template, they will both appear on top, above the chart, and the subtitle below the title. The subtitle will always require the title: it automatically hides when the title is hidden.

Their implementation is very different from one app to another. However, we made it generic and very easy for you: to turn them on and off regardless of the application type, with two trivial switches. Styling the chart title and subtitle could be also different from one app to another: the ASP.NET controls use server-side fonts, while JavaScript chart libraries use browser fonts. Client-side fonts depend a lot on what your own computer can see. People look at the charts below and they may see a different font on each computer.

The chart title and subtitle use here some dark blue italic script font (Brush Script MT). If not found, another script font (Segoe Script) becomes the main candidate. If none of these is supported by your browser, or the ASP.NET server, we show them with the generic Arial (and all computers and browsers support this font).

Most of these charts have a similar look and feel, but it was not always easy to bring them all to this uniform generic display. Some applications, like AnyChart or jqPlot, do not even natively support a subtitle, so we had to use a hack and append a new HTML paragraph to the existing subtitle, with its own style. Styling the chart title and chart subtitle may occur through a built-in feature, through custom or dynamic CSS.

We embedded here the following charts:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Chart Control – the title and subtitle is rendered on our server side, and we all get the same exact look and feel on our browser, through a generated static image.
  • Highcharts – builtin easy title and subtitle definition and styling, for this SVG-based JavaScript library.
  • jqPlot – subtitle gets appended as a new HTML paragraph to the title, with its own CSS style.
  • CanvasJS – another HTML canvas-based JavaScript library, but with exposed builtin implementation and configuration for the title and subtitle.

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