High-Low (HiLo) charts are range charts that show, with vertical or horizontal lines, intervals between min and max values. Our specific HiLo charts represent differences between a min and max stock value within a year, with thin vertical bars.

Most chart application do not implement this type of chart by default, so we emulate it. With range column bars, or OHLC charts with no Open and Close hooks. The Min-Max Charts template compares our HiLo charts with thin Range Column charts.

High-Low Charts

Here are four different implementations of a HiLo charts: for Syncfusion ejChart (built-in), Microsoft ASP.NET Chart and Highcharts (emulated with thin Range Column bars), and amCharts (emulated with an OHLC chart):

Thin Range Column Charts

For comparison, here are the thin Range Column charts for the same chart apps (with different data):

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