Most charts with one single series do not need a legend. The series is already self-described by the chart title and the axes titles. Legends may be certainly useful in multi-series charts, where they help identify what each color represents.

For interactive legends in JavaScript charts, they may also help hiding series you don’t temporarily want. But for most single-series charts, they are just clutter.

Show Legend

One single switch can toggle visibility of any chart legend in your template set. For starters, the legend appears always on the right. When interactivity is on, you may also click on each legend item, to turn series visibility ON and OFF. Here is the same multi-series grouped column chart, with and without a legend:

Multi-Series Only Legend

FusionCharts already automatically hides legends in charts with less than two series (it’s hard for this chart app to find a way to show however the legend on simple charts!). But we implemented a more flexible and easy feature: a Multi-Series Only Legend switch button, on your left sidebar, that you can turn ON and OFF when the legend is already enabled (through the Show Legend switch). And this works with all chart applications.

Our demo template “Hide Single-Series Legend” shows by default legends only for the multi-series Grouped Columns charts. The single-series Column charts hide them. Here are these use cases for Highcharts, which normally shows or hides the legend in both charts:

Single Interactive Legend

Another feature allows you to display by default only the first series, and gradually select and show other series through the interactive legend. This is very useful when your chart shows many series, but you do not want them all displayed by default. This Single Interactive Legend switch button, on your left sidebar, works when both the legend and interactivity are already enabled.

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