We introduce today a new category of charts: the thin bar/column charts. They look skinny, almost like sticks, or regular straight lines, and apply to a large variety of shapes. Use the ThinBars keyword in the search box to easily locate most chart templates in this category.

Thin Bars per App

We start with the following specialized sets of charts per chart application:

  • Thin Bars for Highcharts
  • Thin Bars for Microsoft
  • Thin Bars for CanvasJS
  • Thin Bars for amCharts
  • Thin Bars for AnyChart
  • Thin Bars for Shield UI
  • Thin Bars for Syncfusion ejChart
  • Thin Bars for Google Charts

Thin Bar Chart Types

Individual chart types using skinny bars, used by several supported chart apps, may get their own set of charts, as it follows:

  • Thin Bars Waterfall Charts – with skinny Waterfall columns, for several apps.
  • Thin Centered Bars – with thin stacked centered bars and columns, for several apps.

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Cristi Scutaru

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