Search for all templates with the BuiltinPatternPalette keyword. You will find at least two “Pattern Palettes for …” chart templates. They are all special templates, in the sense they showcase all our defined pattern palettes for a chart app.

For instance, the Pattern Palettes for Microsoft template shows a column palette chart for each pattern palette we created here: go to Palettes, and drill down with the special filter “Patterns” and the “MS ASP.NET Chart” app.

Pattern Palettes per App Templates

As stated before, these special templates show one Column chart for each custom pattern palette we created for that application under the Palettes section. Each chart application has its own specific set of pattern fills, if this feature is supported at all. Here are two such showcase Column charts, one for Microsoft, and one for AnyChart:

Custom Pattern Palettes

This Palettes section groups specific pattern fills per application, with various palette chart types. We may have one palette with all hash styles supported by an app, but there may be way too many patterns to look nice on a chart. This is why we split up the big original set into more specialized smaller groups: Confetti, Textile, Lines, Diagonals etc. Here are two such smaller groups, one for Microsoft hash styles, and one for Highcharts patterns:

Image Patterns

Chart applications like amCharts have no built-in patterns, but allow remote images to be used as patterns, with similar effects. Use PatternImages keyword to locate all packages with pattern image palettes from our site. Here are two charts from these packages:

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