This gorgeous styled theme for the Microsoft ASP.NET Chart Control comes in three parts: Bars, Areas and Shapes. Use the GradientSeries keyword, and filter for the MS ASP.NET Chart product eventually, to list all chart templates from this category.

Colors of the regular color palette start to degrade nicely from top to bottom, towards a translucent misty-like white.


This package contains most vertical/horizontal single/grouped/stacked bar/column charts, as well as some extra related charts, such as range charts, Timeline, Histogram and Column palette. Here are two samples:


This package has great area and range area charts. Their semi-transparent combination seems surreal. Here are two samples:


Last package groups the traditional pie/doughnut/pyramid/funnel shapes, with some interesting Radar Area charts, and emulated Radial bar charts. Here are the last two examples:

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