Chart applications do not always support all types of charts, but many chart types can be emulated, with another supported chart and a specific algorithm. Our Emulated Charts blog category has topics with specific emulators.

Each article embeds both built-in and emulated chart types. You may find all related chart templates by passing the EmulatedCharts keyword as search criteria.

General Emulated Charts

  • Step Line for JavaScript Charts
  • Step Area for Microsoft Charts
  • Box Plot Charts
  • Pareto Charts

Here are a Pareto chart emulated for Google Charts, and a Step Line chart calculated for jqPlot:

Price Change Emulated Charts

  • Emulated Line Break Charts
  • Emulated Renko Charts
  • Emulated Kagi Charts – TODO
  • Emulated Point&Figure Charts – TODO

Here are a Line Break chart emulated for Highcharts, and a Renko chart simulated for amCharts:

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