Instant access to premium template source code for a very small fee. For every group of charts we select as premium template, we try to include enough features, styles, hacks and further customization, to make it worth for you.

Custom Styles

For any group of chart types, finding the right combination of colors and text fonts, background gradients and border styles, shadows and other visual elements, may take hours of trial and manual work. We absorb these costs and offer almost ready-to-use templates, where you can sometimes replace just the data section with your own and publish it right away in your production environment.

Similar Look&Feel

We also try to adapt builtin chart themes created for a product to most other chart applications. This is a bidirectional process, in the sense one app’s themes gets richer with another app’s themes, and vice versa. When one chart app uses great series gradients or shadows, we try to implement them as well in other apps.

Color/Pattern Palettes

All chart applications should benefit from great combinations of colors or pattern fills. As for the general look&feel, we reuse product specific color palettes in other apps, with great results. Palettes are also separated in a specific section. We also “invented” some palette chart types, where all colors or patterns from a set are visualized in a custom standard chart.

Emulated Chart Types

Many chart applications do not support chart types that can be actually emulated with other types. In particular, price change chart types (like Renko, Three Line Break or Kagi) are not implemented by most JavaScript applications, but we can offer them packaged in premium templates. Also, not all chart apps provide a smooth transition from cartesian to equivalent circular charts, which we may emulate with standard radar/polar charts.

Simulated Data Algorithms

Some applications do not support few chart types because of some missing transformation data algorithms. Step Line charts may be simulated with some specific data transformations, using regular Line charts. We described and exposed most of these algorithms in the Emulated Charts category of our blog posts, with some live chart generators.


Features of our standard user interface are not supported by all chart apps. Some may require tricky hacks or complex code to accomplish similar results. While we spent months searching for these hacks, in many cases with the help of the great customer support of our vendors, most hacks are offered part of premium templates.

Performance Awareness

Most charts are for developers and we want you productive right away. Each free and purchased premium chart can be immediately downloaded as a single simple HTML or ASPX file. Or sent to one popular JavaScript playground such as jsFiddle or CodePen. Or have its code color-formatted, beautified and looked at in a nice popup. It can be customized with many simple switches, to show or hide features in a very simple manner.

Product Comparison

We may offer similar chart types for multiple products in one single template, focused on a specific feature or with similar look and feel. This will help you compare and decide which product to purchase for your chart generation.

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