All our charts are ready to use and require no further setup. Just update them with your own data. By ready-to-use we mean fully-functional code, with realistic test data.

Live Charts

All charts are live, dynamically generated, by JavaScript client libraries or on the server side. Unless you turned them off, most JavaScript charts are interactive and/or animated. Animation occurs when the chart renders for the first time, or when the user interacts with the rendered chart. Interactive charts respond somehow to user actions. But you may turn both interaction and animation off, with simple switches.

Source Code

We provide full compact source code for all our charts, one single compact HTML file per chart, with JavaScript, CSS and all other required elements.  Single webpage charts may be saved, from your browser, as single compact HTML files. Downloaded chart files are single compact HTML or ASPX files.

Reusable Remote CDNs

Reusable images are saved remotely into our CDN, so you don’t have to download them locally first, if you don’t want to. Most product-specific scripts are also loaded from some public CDNs, when possible. This way, each file you download for a chart has a minimal size. It does not have to contain scripts and images, just source code.

Custom Layout

Visual switches, on top within the sidebar, help you change on the fly:

  1. Contrast or background for all charts: White (for transparent themes) / Gray (default) / Black (for dark themes).
  2. Size of all charts: Small (default) / Medium / Large

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