Dozens of almost ready-to-use template charts, with sets of customized chart types and test data. Look at these charts and the source code, bring them into a JavaScript playground such as jsFiddle or CodePen, and you as a developer become more productive.

Chart  Types

We created a large free library/encyclopedia of chart types, with all charts generated live, as an example. Understand what each chart type does, how data is interpreted, what are the data visualization pros and cons.

Chart Categories

We group chart types into categories. For each template or palette associated with one single application, we rather show a page with all charts from a specific category. Multi-product templates or palettes show each page linked to a specific chart type: you’ll have each page with all charts of a specific type for all associated products.

Chart Sets

Walk through hundreds of charts generated on the fly in dynamic lists of templates, chart types, palettes and applications. We always show such a set with two animated thumbnails, for the two featured chart set types.

Chart Tools

You can embed a chart into your own HTML page or blog post. You can look at it well-formatted and beautified JavaScript or ASP.NET markup code, in a popup viewer. You can get the chart as a much simpler webpage. Or download it into a single HTML or ASPX file. Pass the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to an external online playground, such as jsFiddle or CodePen, to customize it and run it with your own changes.


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Cristi Scutaru

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