Customize charts by turning on or off legends, animation, and many other options. All premium templates allow you to quickly turn on/off major individual features, with zero programming skills required, through a visual standard user interface.

Generic Switches

We may expose switches to show/hide:

  • chart frame and plot area
  • main chart title and subtitle
  • the chart (smart/single) legend
  • the graph only/grid lines
  • axis titles/labels
  • colors (or just grays)
  • negative values, with alternative colors
  • (inside/percent) data labels
  • animation/interaction
  • tooltips
  • crosshairs/trackball
  • error handling
  • no data/empty points/edge data cases
  • series shadows
  • a goal line/range area
  • generated source code comments

Standard User Interface

Templates start with predefined values for all these switches and we cannot guarantee a chart appearance for any combination of switches. For instance, we may look for the best layout for some charts with no legend. When you turn the legend on, you get that additional feature displayed, but the overall layout may not be optimal. The advantage is you can still try them all before looking at the generated source code with that combination.

To quickly get from one initial view (left) to another (right), we switched just the following featured: colors, title and legend OFF, Y axis lines, title and labels ON:

Remark how simple the user interface is. And it will show the same simple switches regardless of the chart app and how different the internal implementation of those switches is.

You’ll basically no longer need to learn how to turn a legend on and off in different applications. If you are a developer, we’ll do it for you and you’ll just look at the source code to see how we did it. If you are a project manager, you no longer need a developer with programming skills to customize a chart.

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