View charts as small thumbnails (by default), or in medium or large sizes. The switches for any template chart is in the top tab of the left sidebar, in any template page. There are three fixed sizes you may choose from:

  1. Small (default) – 300 x 185 pixels
  2. Medium – 485 x 300 pixels
  3. Large – 785 x 485 pixels

Golden Ratio

Chart sizes are in golden ratio: largest dimension divided by smallest dimension is around 1.62 for any chart size (300 / 185 = 485 / 300 = 785 / 485 = 1.62).

Also, largest dimension of one size is kept as the smallest dimension of the next bigger size: 300 Small width becomes Medium height, and 485 Medium width becomes Large height.

Embedded Charts

Look at all chart sizes in Embedded Charts topic. Here is an embedded Small chart, with the code you may insert into your own HTML page, and the src link that can be used alone:

Chart Sets

Sets of charts can be associated with any of our chart templates, chart types, color/pattern palettes, and chart applications. You navigate through these lists from the top-right menu of any main page.

Chart sets are represented with two featured chart thumbnails, representative of the set. Here is how a color palette for the Microsoft ASP.NET Chart control appears in our list:

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