We switched today to SSL! All our former HTTP pages are now automatically redirected to their HTTPS new versions. All but those of our blog.chart-templates.com subdomain, which will remain HTTP. Even if we still have plenty of old embedded charts using HTTP.

Update July 2018: everything, including the blog, uses now HTTPS.


  • better security: all content moving in and out is automatically encrypted.
  • charts published elsewhere with HTTPS, in secure pages, are no longer hidden by browsers like Chrome.
  • we’ll be able to allow logins with Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • we’ll be able to eventually extend payment options.
  • we’ll be able to provide safe scripts for external playground like jsFiddle and CodePen, which already moved to SSL.

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Cristi Scutaru

Experienced software architect and developer, founder of XtractPro Software, creator of chart-templates.com and data-xtractor.com. Focused lately on easy data extraction, visual data representation, and productivity tools.