Every chart uses either an internal or an explicit custom color palette, which is a simple set of colors. First chart series uses by default the first color from the palette, second series the second color and so on. Colors are reused when there are more series than palette colors.

Ever wondered what all these colors look like, before choosing them for a chart? We made things easier for you in a number of ways…

Palette Charts

Any chart template may show all current palette colors in a special type of Palette chart. This may be through a Pie, through Columns, through a Pyramid or in a Spiral (other shapes may be added in the future). Here are these charts for the Metallika for Highcharts – Extra template:


For all featured products, we separated all builtin, default and custom color palettes in a special Palettes section. A color palette is exposed through a special built-in template and all available Palette chart types. Here is how the Bootstrap from Shield UI builtin color palette looks like:

Special Templates

Builtin Colors from …” special templates show ALL builtin color palettes for that app, through a Pie Palette. Here are for instance first four (out of 13) builtin color palettes used by AnyChart:

You may embed all these charts into your own HTML page as well! Locate the chart at its original location, then click on View-Embed and copy the code. Click on the backlink from the bottom-left corner of the embedded chart, to go to the original page where the chart has been published.

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