Most JavaScript chart apps have no builtin support for Japanese price change charts, but they can be emulated with other chart types. Here we generate one builtin three line break chart with the Microsoft Chart control and one emulated three line break chart with Highcharts.

Price Change Charts

Our price change charts are in fact regular line charts using the same data passed to the Japanese price-based charts. They make it easy to detect all price values and their variation. Here is such a simple chart, with data labels on:

Specific Line Break Charts

Most our demo line break charts are by default Three Line Break charts. This is the most popular variation. The following two emulated Highcharts charts show a One Line Break chart and a Two Line Break chart:

Beyond Candlesticks Examples

In 1994, in his Beyond Candlesticks reference book, Steve Nison described in detail line break charts, with two great examples. Here are two of our emulated charts – with FusionCharts – using his data from the Tutorial and Practice samples:

Microsoft ASP.NET Chart Examples

The Microsoft ASP.NET Chart control comes with some great online samples. One of those examples uses specific data, and you may set the break line parameter to different values, to generate specific line break charts. We used same data here below, and here are our emulated one/two/three/four line break charts, for FusionCharts:

For comparison, a gallery with original screenshots of the same chart types:

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