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How do you ship a purchased template?

Home Forums Pre-Sales Questions How do you ship a purchased template?

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    I have a question.

    If I buy a chart template, how do you send the purchase to me?

    Through email, regular mail, or any another way?


    Cristi Scutaru

    You pay us to unlock the access to the source code of each chart in a premium template. There is no shipment involved!

    Consider also a premium template is a shared product: more users may pay for and look at the code of the same template. From this perspective, you may say you actually paid for a service (not a product).

    When you are logged-in, you see your purchased premium templates in the Purchased Templates list. For each chart, you can now, through the View dropdown menu:

    • examine the full source code, in a popup viewer
    • download a HTML file rendering that chart
    • customize the code live in a JavaScript playground such as jsFiddle or CodePen
    • get a live webpage with your chart alone

    In your own copy of the source code of a chart, you should replace at least our test data with your own data. Then simply publish the chart into your own production environment.

    If the chart was rendered with a commercial third party library, you also have to purchase a license from that vendor.



    This could be a bit confusing.

    I’m used to receive an email most times I pay for something through the Internet.

    If I pay for a copy of the source code of all charts in a template, why don’t you email this to me when I make the purchase? And thoroughly pass the explanation you gave me here in the email as well…


    Cristi Scutaru

    This is actually a very good idea! We’ll do this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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