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Chart Templates is ready for the masses

We officially launch today our Chart Templates website, and start advertising it to the large public.

Chart Templates is an online productivity lab, to save time and money for software developers using chart applications, with a huge online repository of almost ready-to-use JavaScript and ASP.NET charts for your software projects. Browse thousands of free and premium chart templates and color palettes. New features are added constantly for free to any purchase. Use the simple and efficient sidebar to toggle legend, title, axes etc.

We start with ten featured leaders in the chart applications market: we cover commercial and free JavaScript and ASP.NET chart apps. We advertise for free charts with Highcharts, CanvasJS, AnyChart, amCharts, FusionCharts, Syncfusion, Shield UI, Google Charts, jqPlot, and the free Microsoft ASP.NET Chart control. Every chart product appears automatically enhanced with new features and new emulated chart types.

Cristi Scutaru

Experienced software architect and developer, founder of XtractPro Software, creator of and Focused lately on easy data extraction, visual data representation, and productivity tools.