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Point Charts

Known rather as scatter charts, these charts represent points at the (x, y) locations on the chart area, with circles or other marker types. Or with external custom images.

Scatter Charts

Most basic point charts are single-series Scatter and multi-series Grouped Scatter charts.

They use one single type of marker (circular) for all series, but with a different color. They may look opaque, semi-transparent or fully transparent. Use ScatterCharts keyword to locate the scatter chart templates from this article. Here are some examples:

Marker Charts

Marker charts are just like the regular scatter charts, except they show a symbol or marker for each point, instead of the typical bullet. There usually is one different built-in marker for each series. Symbols may also look opaque, semi-transparent or fully transparent. Use MarkerCharts keyword to locate the marker chart templates from this article.

Marker Image Charts

Builtin application-specific markers can be replaced by external custom images. Use ImageMarker keyword to locate a large number of application-specific templates, with scatter charts using two different image markers each.

Bubble Charts

Bubble charts are like scatter charts, but each point has also another associated dimension, represented by the size of the “bubble“. Use BubbleCharts keyword to locate the bubble chart templates from another separate article. Here are some examples:

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